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Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication Services

Our customized phone Number Service provides personal identity to any business or customer’s phone number. It provides an extra branding channel for businesses and individuals.

A customized  number is a telephone number where the letters associated with the number’s digits on the telephone spell a name or word of value to the subscriber. It can spell your company name, personal initials, product name, services your company provides or a special acronym that you select.

For businesses examples include : 0700GTConnect, 0700CALLDHL, 0800CORONA

Individuals could also have phone numbers in their name – 0700ADEWALE, 0700AMAKAOBI

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Non Toll Free Number

Our Non-Toll-Free service is a cost effective business tool for branding and brand visibility. A caller to this number pays for the call. This is a service platform whereby anyone who places a call to that vanity number that begins with 0700 is billed by his parent network operator.

Non Toll-Free Numbering follows the format 0700COMPANY NAME/SERVICE/PRODUCT. For example 0700BUSINESSNAME, 0700MYBUSINESS, 0700YOURNAME etc. It provides companies or individuals with the dual advantage of branding and corporate image by making you stand-out of the crowd and closer to your customers/clients every time, everywhere with an easy to remember phone number.

Toll Free Number

This is similar to the Non Toll Free number, the two key differences are :

  1. Owner of the line pays for all calls made to the line, the callers are not charged. Therefore, it is a prepaid service where the liner owner will need to make initial deposit for the line to be functional.
  2. The number range is 0800, thus you can have 0800BUSINESSNAME, 0800MYBUSINESS, 0800YOURNAME etc.

The benefit of Toll Free Numbers is to encourage more calls to the company which should translate to more profit. The service is ideal for customer service oriented businesses, emergency management, call center operations or phone number for family use.

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Our Conference call system service provides a platform for 20 or more people from different locations and on different networks (either fixed, mobile or fixed wireless) to engage in an audio conference at the same time.
An audio conference of this nature prevents the need to assemble participants in the same locality or conference room thereby saving time and travel cost.

Depending on your needs, we can setup a toll free conference system where callers to the conference call are not charged or a non-toll free conference system where each caller to the conference system is charged by their telecoms company for the calls they make.

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PBX is a cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system that allows enterprises complete their 0700 and 0800 branding through the inclusion of inbound and outbound calls to their portfolio. The system is suitable for businesses of different classes and is cost efficient and robust.


  • Outbound and inbound calls
  • Voicemail: Voicemails can be sent to an email address through a .WAV file
  • Call Forward: This feature will automatically forward calls to another extension or phone number
  • Call blocking: A specific inbound phone number can be blocked based on the caller ID
  • Follow-me: This feature allows you direct calls to a single number or multiple numbers so that calls can be answered on your extension from wherever you are. This feature can be set to ring all your numbers simultaneously or in succession.
  • Music-on-hold: You may record custom music or use your company’s advert jingle, to be played on hold.
  • Integrated Voice Messaging: This feature allows you to record a customized message to be played back on hold.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): This is an auto-attendant technology that allows customers navigate through the various services or departments of your company using their keypad. You can program a pre-recorded message that provides an internal roadmap to your company’s departments. For example, press 1 for Sales, 2 for Finance, 3 for Customer Service, or simply dial by extension. This option is virtually limitless allowing you create as many auto-attendants as you need.
  • Call waiting
  • Three-way calling
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